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  • Continuous motion dosing systems for production scale last-stop product differentiation without speed loss. System fits up to existing packaging line.



    Continuous Motion Ultra Fast In-line Dosing Systems


     Oden’s patent-pending Micro/Dose? ultra-fast continuous motion in-line fillers precisely add critical late addition liquid ingredients like minerals, seasonings, flavors, colors, vitamins, nutraceuticals, and other differentiators to liquid products.


     Oden Micro/Dose Demonstration Unit

    See a video of a Micro/Dose demonstration unit.

    Benefits and Features

    • State-of-the-art PC/PLC controls:
    • Lightning speed – up to 1200 containers per minute
    • Dosing capability from microliters to milliliters
    • Compact design and rugged all stainless steel construction
    • Supremely accurate
    • Equipped with Oden Microdose? filling valves
    • Clean-in-place and true 100% redundant dose verification are standard
    • Custom configurations are available for all of your high speed dosing and product differentiation requirements
    • Straight line continuous motion assures easy installation with no container handling problems


    Want to know more?

    Call today with your application questions, 800-658-3622.



    Email sales@odenmachinery.com. Call 716-874-3000. Request a Quote.


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