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    No Mess, No Waste, Fast Clean-Up for Honey, Syrup and Jam Producers

    Design improvements to Oden Machinery’s Servo/Fill? liquid filling machines sweeten the pot for companies filling honey, syrups, jams, and similar products like toppings, preserves, molasses, dressings, salsas and sauces. These enhanced fillers feature accurate, drip-free filling, no-tool cleanup, and the flexibility to fill a wide range of fill sizes and product viscosities.

    Benefits include no mess, no waste, faster clean-up, and more product out the door. Another cost savings benefit is the capability to fill thin to thick, viscous and chunky products on the same machine, eliminating the need to purchase a filler for thin liquids and another for viscous and chunky products.

     Servo/Fill Benchtop FillerThe volumetric Servo/Fill benchtop filler can be manually operated by footswitch or as a semi automatic filler. Start with a portable benchtop filler and automate later as your product line expands or your output requirements increase. Oden’s Servo/Fill modular package will automate up to 4 benchtop filling machines.

     Photos: Servo/Fill Benchtop Liquid Filling Machine (at left). Servo/Fill Single-Head Modular Liquid Filling Machine incorporates one benchtop (see photo below).

     Servo/Fill Modular Automatic Filler

    For high speed production applications Oden offers fully automatic frame-based liquid filling machines (not pictured).

     Use Oden’s free product testing service and you will receive a written performance guarantee for each product tested. Oden’s guarantee incorporates speed, accuracy and no-drip machine performance. Take the risk out of buying a filler. Call Dean Faso today to make arrangements for product testing, 716-874-3000 x1413, or contact him by email, dfaso@odenmachinery.com.

     For more information on Oden’s enhanced Servo/FIll Liquid Filling Machines contact Oden Machinery at sales@odenmachinery.com, visit www.odenmachinery.com, or phone 716-874-3000. Oden Machinery is headquartered in Tonawanda, NY 14150, at 199 Fire Tower Drive.



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