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    Oden Machinery is a leading U.S. manufacturer of liquid fillers, continuous motion liquid product dosing systems, and continuous stream liquid product blending systems.

    • A technology pioneer in the field of liquid filling since 1980.
    • A custom engineering house that solves problems for customers.
    • A trusted and valued technology resource for customers.
    • A company that continues to raise the bar in terms of technology.



    Oden Machinery designs and manufactures liquid filling machinery, continuous stream digital blending machinery, and ultra high speed late addition dosing machinery. 

    Oden pioneers a constant stream of "cutting-edge" innovations that include the first "rotary pump + servo" liquid filling methodology, in 1980, and the first "Coriolis mass meter based" net weight liquid filler "family", in 1996.

    We design and manufacture liquid fillers, continuous motion liquid dosing systems, and continuous stream blending systems that are the "Mercedes Benz" of the industry:
    • NET/MASS? and MEGA/FILL? Coriolis mass flow meter based net weight liquid fillers.
    • PRO/FILL?, SERVO/FILL? and PRO/MATIC? volumetric rotary motion positive displacement liquid fillers.
    • GRAV/TRONIC? volumetric gravity liquid filling machines.
    • MASS/BLEND? continuous stream digital blending systems.
    • MICRO/DOSE? ultra high speed late addition dosing systems.  


    In 2007 Oden acquired the assets of Crandall International, Inc. and now offers:

    • CI by ODEN? scale based net weight liquid fillers.
    • CI by ODEN? closing machines for pails and cans.


    You can count on us.



    We understand the importance of high quality machinery backed by high quality service. We offer you over three decades of industry-leading innovation in designing and engineering solutions for liquids applications.


    We listen.



    Give us your filling parameters and we will design a system to meet your requirements. Talk to us about your need for a customized machine or an atypical liquid packaging solution and we'll work with you to find a resolution.


    Our machinery is better by design.

    Call us today.

    ODEN, PRO/FILL, GRAV/TRONIC, PRO/MATIC, AUTODEX, NET/MASS, SERVO/FILL, MEGA/FILL, MASS/BLEND, CI, CI BY ODEN,  and MICRO/DOSE are registered trademarks of Oden Machinery. U.S. Patent Nos. 5,797,436, 5,168,905, 4,917,348, 5,996,650, 5,878,796, and 6,186,193B1 apply. Foreign patents pending.

    Member of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute.

    Oden Machinery ? 2008
    The Filling Accuracy Capability Statements appearing on this website describe general machine capabilities and are not guarantees. Oden will guarantee machine performance in writing, upon the positive conclusion of testing done with your products and containers. Oden takes the risk out of buying a liquid filler. Contact us today to make arrangements for our free product testing service. Email sales@odenmachinery.com.  Phone 716.874.3000, 800.658.3622.

    Oden Machinery maintains a constant program of product improvement which may affect design and/or specifications. We reserve the right to make these changes without prior notice or liability.

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