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    Technical Papers



    Oden's  Generation 3 MASS/BLEND? Continuous Stream Digital Blending Systems


    Over the past decade, the state-of-the-art in liquid products manufacturing has shifted dramatically away from large batching systems.  The preferred method for liquid products preparation is now continuous stream blending...

    ... In summary, the system architecture for Oden’s continuous stream digital blending system is extremely simple, easy to program, low in system volume, and completely free of error induced by process variables or system interactions.  It can be stopped and started without penalty and all blended product can be utilized.  It is a system which is inherently accurate rather than one requiring complex control schemes to “tame”.  Systems are practical with feed rates ranging from a fraction of a gallon per minute to well over 200 gallons per minute.  The GEN3 MASS/BLEND? continuous stream digital blending system is a complete state-of-the-art turnkey solution from a single high integrity supplier, carefully integrated with color touch screen graphics, full recipe capability, and extensive diagnostics.

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    MASS/BLEND?, The 15 Minute Chalk Talk

    What Makes Oden's Continuous Stream Blending Systems Different?

    What Works - What Does Oden Do?

    3 Logical Steps To A Must Work System:

    • Step 1: Synchronized Digital Flow
    • Step 2: Add A Ratio Stream Mixing Capability
    • Step 3: Add A Small Finished Product Tank


    Read the entire chalk talk...





    Coriolis Mass Flow Meters Provide Net Weight Filling Excellence

    If your liquid filling operations are like most, you are experiencing continuing pressure to reduce overfills, meet tighter regulatory standards, satisfy growing statistical process control expectations and still find a way to make your fillers operate across a growing span of liquid products and fill sizes. What real choices in technology are available to you to solve these conflicting requirements?

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